7838 Calion Hwy   El Dorado, AR  71730

Bar-J has over 100 years of combined equine experience.  All of our students advance quickly and learn horsemanship from the ground up.

Safety First is our motto.  We teach methods that make the individual safety-minded.  We are traditional cowboys and we all wear cowboy hats, chaps and spurs.  After years of experience we see that the cowboy apparel is a wonderful piece of equipment that was and is designed for the cowboy/girl.  However, we do have helmets available for the students upon request.

Things we teach:·
*Approaching a horse on foot
*Leading, feeding, stabling and hoof care.
*Tack and saddle (equipment)                                                             
*How to bridle and saddle

*Round penning
*How to sit a horse
*Stop, go left, right and reverse
*Emergency stop
*Emergency dismount
*How to fall (it’s not if, but when)
*Much more

Advance Lessons:
*Covers all of the above plus:
*Working with a farrier
*Working with a Vet
*Cleaning hooves
*Specialty Disciplines: reining, barrel racing, horse show events
*Gaited horses
*English tack
*Much More

Monthly Group Lesson
Every Tuesday (Thursday is rain day) after school Approximately 4 pm - 5:30 pm.  Price is designed to compete with dance classes and other area activities at $69.99 per month.

We furnish horses and all tack.

Private Lesson
All the above but at a faster rate. Cost is $35.00 per session.  Session is around one hour long counting the saddling and unsaddling time and includes thirty minutes of horse riding.

Note: Horses are large live animals and even the best can and are unpredictable at times.  We are proud of the fact that our horses are some the most gentle and best around, but we make no guarantees. Each student must sign the

Release of Liability and 
Participation Agreement

and promise not to hold Bar-J Ranch or any of it’s help liable for any accidents.  Each student must have their insurance coverage card on file with Bar-J Ranch.