7838 Calion Hwy   El Dorado, AR  71730


The Bar - J Zipper
The 400 foot zip-line is accessed from a wooden platform. Guests are attached to the zip line trolley with two tethers that connect to the harness.

REQUIREMENTS: ALL participants must read and sign a release form. Those under 18 must have a legal guardian sign for them. You can print and fill out the release form by clicking here: Release of Liability and Participation Agreement
While there are no age requirements, participants must weigh between 60 - 200 pounds to ride the zip line. Pregnant women will not be able to ride.

RECOMMENDATIONS: We encourage participants to wear close-toed shoes and have long hair pulled back. Individuals with neck, back, or joint injuries and those with chronic heart problems should use their discretion about their capabilities to safely participate on the zip line.